Moving Recommendations For People With Anxiety

Posted on: 24 September 2018

Whether panic attacks are a regular occurrence or you have generalized anxiety disorder, moving could be even more stressful than for others. Feeling overwhelmed or not up to the task could cause procrastination and then frantic packing which ramps up stress to a point where functioning at all seems hard. These moving-related recommendations ought to relieve you and help maintain calm.

Get Things Out

Often the reason your house seems packed full of clothing, games, toys, appliances and furniture is that you've got extra things everywhere. The shirt you love but doesn't fit, the blender that needs a new motor and your old laptop may still be inside your house because you're planning repairs. However, if you haven't handled those items, why not just say good bye?

Schedule Tasks

The reason you're overwhelmed is likely because moving yourself, your kids, your pets and your things seems like too much work. How will everything get done? Overthinking the single huge job generates anxiety. Therefore, breaking it down to smaller, individual jobs and tasks makes it manageable. For instance, you may not have the energy to pack up the entire garage in one try; doing the shelves one day and the floor another day is workable. 

Doing this will also encourage you to start moving earlier. It may prolong the packing process but you'll feel that you're more in control.

Get Prescriptions

Do you take anxiety medication daily or regularly? Even if you already know the whereabouts of a pharmacy near your new home, uneasiness about whether prescriptions will be there in the first days after your move could exist You might also worry about losing a current prescription in one of the many packages and boxes making the moved. Sidestep these issues by enlisting your prescribing physician's help; they may call the new pharmacy and get you more medication. You may want to split medication and put it in two different spots so you're sure not to run out or lose all of it.

Use Movers

Professional movers taking the reins can settle those butterflies in your stomach. You won't have to pack those fragile items alone, because movers will pack them securely. You don't have to disassemble your four-poster bed, because they'll take it apart and re-assemble it later. Having pros there to deal with questions or problems is often superior to relatives or friends, who may rely on you for solutions and guidance.

These calm, orderly recommendations enable this process to work without the high tension and stress once felt. A moving company can provide relief during it all too; let them solve any moving problems.