Having A Baby? Rent A Storage Unit And Collect Items Until You Move Out

Posted on: 2 March 2016

If you are having a baby and currently living in a small apartment, you may have no intention of staying in the same place by the time they are born. However, since moving into a larger place will increase your rent, you should wait as long as you can to avoid increasing your monthly expenses prematurely. Staying in a small place can bring on a few challenges in regard to space, but you can fix that with a storage unit.

Having a dedicated storage space will allow you to collect items to use for your newborn.

Pick an Ideal Storage Unit Location

It is important to consider where you live now and where you plan on living in the future. If you already have a neighborhood in mind, you should look for a place in-between. It will keep you from having to drive a long distance to reach the storage unit after you move into a larger apartment or home.

Take Advantage of Excellent Prices

Over the course of a nine-month span, you will undoubtedly come across some great sales. However, it does not make sense to clutter up your home with large items such as a crib, dresser, or changing table. The difference in costs from a studio or one-bedroom to a two-bedroom is around $436 per month, if you include utilities. A storage unit can be had for well under $100 per month, which leads to great savings.

Get the Future Nursery Ready

As soon as you get a storage unit, you can start looking out for nursery items. For instance, if you decide to go with disposable diapers, you can make it easy on yourself by buying a large pack every week. Also, when you throw a baby shower, you will have more than enough space to store the gifts.

Avoid Rushing in the Third Trimester

The last thing that you want to do is rush during the third trimester. Having a storage unit and getting items early on will ensure that you can put everything together when you are physically capable. Although you can work and be active in your third trimester, you do not want to overexert yourself. Ideally, you should get assistance with moving to your new home and moving nursery items out of the storage unit.

Introducing a child into the world is a beautiful experience. It is best to do everything you can to avoid a stressful situation, and renting a storage unit will keep you from feeling rushed at any point in time. To learn more, contact a self storage unit company like Lake County Storage of Round Lake Heights