Three Things To Know About Tipping Your Piano Movers

Posted on: 29 February 2016

When it comes time to move a piano from one location to another, it's beneficial to hire professionals to get the job done safely. The size, weight and delicate nature of pianos mean that the average person can damage the instrument or hurt himself or herself while attempting to move it. A crew of piano movers, meanwhile, knows exactly how to move and transport the piano safely. If you're happy with the job that the crew provides, you might be thinking about tipping to show your gratitude. Here are three important things to keep in mind about this process.

It's Good To Check The Company's Policy

While it's often appropriate to tip your piano movers, tipping in this industry isn't as widespread as tipping your restaurant waiter or waitress. As such, it's important to first confirm that your crew can indeed accept tips -- you don't want to create an awkward encounter by trying to hand the crew some cash at the end of the move, only to be told that the company asks its movers not to take tips. You can get to the bottom of this question simply by asking the company's policy on tipping when you schedule the piano movers over the phone.

Tips Can Range Considerably

It's reasonable to tip your piano movers anywhere from $5 to $100 once your instrument is safely moved to the new location. This span is extremely broad, allowing you to decide exactly what tipping amount suits the particular nature of the move. While there's no "right" number because every move is different, it's generally advisable to consider the difficulty of the move. For example, you might wish to tip more if the movers had to carry the piano up a set of stairs. You can also evaluate the care the crew took to protect the instrument and your floor and walls, as well as the crew's professionalism with you.

There Are Other Ways To Show Thanks

Whether or not you choose to tip, there are some other ways to convey your gratitude to the crew. A simple method is by offering refreshments. A cold bottle of water or a sports drink when the crew is working on a hot day is something that the movers will appreciate. If the move takes a long time because of some physical challenges posed by your home -- lots of stairs, for example -- you might also consider dashing out to a nearby sandwich shop and bringing back lunch for the crew to take on the road.

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