Tips For Relocating A Business

Posted on: 16 February 2016

If you are currently removing your business, whether you are going across town or completing a major, long-distance move, there are some things to keep in mind. These tips will help you accomplish a successful and well-organized business relocation.

Inform Important Parties Of The Move

When relocating a business, you need to make sure you start informing people of the change as soon as you can. Shortly after you make arrangements to move the office or entire business, start letting people know. This includes telling your employees about the move so that they have enough time to prepare for moving their belongings. Also, make sure you tell your customers and clients at least a few months before you intend to move. You don't want a customer showing up at your store and find out that you have moved and left no warning. Keep reminding people you are moving with a note at the end of business emails and a sign on your storefront.

Have Employees Move Their Belongings

If you are just moving to a new office location nearby, consider having employees move some of their own items. While it shouldn't be their responsibility to move their desk, computer, and other big items, they should help by moving smaller items. Not only does this help keep the move more organized and go more quickly, it also ensures that each employee ends up with their own belongings. A big issue with moving offices is a lack of organization and unlabelled boxes. An employee might find that the box of their tape, scissors, stapler, and other office supplies goes missing and all needs to be replaced. This is a good reason to get employee assistance.

Label And Number All Boxes

Using labels on your boxes is one of the most important ways to plan and organize your business relocation. This allows you to instruct movers on where the boxes will go in the building. Since you might be moving into a rather large building, it can be a huge pain having to move boxes into the right offices if they aren't labeled correctly. Numbering boxes can also be useful. You can give each office a number and have the employee working in that office to label all their boxes with that number. When you arrive at the new office space, put a sticky note on the door of each office with its number. That way, the moving company knows exactly where the different numbered boxes need to go.

If you need help moving, or want to store some items while you're making your transition from one office space to the next, consider contacting a professional for help. Companies like Father & Son Moving & Storage may be able to meet your needs in this area.