Packaging Clothing For Storage Unit Storage

Posted on: 11 February 2016

If you plan on placing clothing in a storage unit for several weeks or months, you will want to make sure they are properly packaged to keep them safe from any type of deterioration. The type of packaging you use can make a difference in the condition of your material pieces upon your return. Here are some tips you can use to make sure your clothing remains in the best of shape inside your storage unit.

Use Ventilated Boxes For Everyday Wear

Your regular outfits will fare well inside boxes with adequate ventilation. Placing items in airtight containers can lead to mold or mildew if moisture is present within the fibers when you pack the items. Wash and dry your clothing before you intend to place it in storage so you aren't packaging items with possible debris or insects already upon the pieces. Make sure the clothing is completely dry before folding and stacking for storage. Place a few cedar balls in each box to help draw moisture away from the articles if any happens to be left in the fibers of the material.

Hang Evening And Business Wear

Since your business and dinnertime apparel may be made from delicate wool, silk, chiffon, or rayon, they should be hung to help keep them from wrinkling. Clothing that is stored folded for a long time can gather creases or rumpled portions that may be difficult to remove. To avoid this, have a separate garment box for each of your clothing items. These boxes have a hook attached so you can hang them. Place a few chemical desiccant packets inside each box to help draw moisture away from the items. Use a clothing rack to hold these garment bags. 

Protect Valuable Leather And Furs

It is best to keep leather and fur items in garment boxes or breathable containers like a wicker chest or cloth suitcase. Place a piece of acid-free paper in the bottom of the container before placing the apparel in the box. Top the item with another piece of acid-free paper. Place the item inside a piece of cotton muslin and then store inside a garment box. Throw a few cedar balls in the box before sealing.  The item will still be able to breathe but will be protected from moisture as well. Leather or fur boots can also be stored in this manner.

Place an empty one liter soda or water bottle in each boot before wrapping in paper and placing in muslin. Keep upright in the container you choose. The bottles will keep the boots' shape while in storage. It is best to keep these expensive items in a climate controlled storage unit if possible.