Easy As 1-2-3 Organization Systems That Can Make Your Next Move Easier

Posted on: 18 February 2016

If you are planning to move soon, having an organization system in place can make the moving process go smoother. The organization system you decide to use does not have to be complex to be efficient. The following are three simple organization systems you can utilize that are easy as 1-2-3. 

Colors System

This type of system will involve using several colors to classify the contents of boxes. You can use specific colors to classify what room the box contents go in. You may also choose to use a specific color to designate important items that you need unpacked first. If the move will involve moving the belongings of several people, assigning a color for each person will make it easier to find personal belongings at the new destination.

You color coded system supplies do not have to be elaborate or expensive. Ensure that the colors are placed on areas of boxes that make it easy to find the colors, and keep a written record of what each color means with you. You may also want to give a copy to movers if they will be assisting with unloading. Examples of supplies are colored markers, colored sticky notes, or construction paper to create your labels. Use clear tape to affix your chosen label type to boxes.

Numbers System

This system can be utilized by numbering each box starting with the number one. This will aid in ensuring that you have all of your boxes at the new location. Another approach is to use a specific number for each room. For example, all of your kitchen items might be labeled with the number "1," and your living room boxes might be labeled with the number "2" and so on. If there will be multiple bathrooms or bedrooms at the new destination, simply assign each one their own unique number. You could combine a number and color system by using colors to code rooms and numbers to pre-determine the number of boxes for each room. 

Writing System

Writing only on boxes is a commonly-used form of classification. Use caution when labeling boxes. Instead of putting exactly what is in each box on your labels, keep a personal inventory log to identify what is in each box. Ensure that your mover has a copy of your inventory list, and choose white glove moving if your budget permits. This aids in ensuring that goods are packed and unpacked in your presence and box contents are verified. 

A moving company is the best resource to use for organized and stress-free moves. They can offer you additional tips on organizing your items, or they can assist you by offering you a full-service move that involves them utilizing their in-house organization moving system to get your belongings packed, transported and unpacked at your new destination. 

For more information, contact Walsh Moving & Storage or a similar company.